We further ensure that the day you buy your vehicle and the day you ride it are, indeed, the two happiest days of your life.
  1. We provide up-to-date Internet listing of all vehicles for sale in Japan
  2. We provide security and trust in locating the best vehicles for sale
  3. We are the brokers, resellers, exporters & importers
  4. Our Customers deserve the best services & after-sales support
  5. We provide reconditioning and auto spare part supplies.
  6. Most of all "WE PROVIDE PEACE OF MIND"

Nexuss International Company Limited

Japan, Chiba Prefecture Kashiwa-City ,


Our Bankers  
Mizuho Corporate Bank (Japan)  


Importers,Exporters,local sales & repair ,local registration of Automotive

One -Japan, Chiba Prefecture Kashiwa-City

Liason Office with Agents  
One -Iquique, Chile

Activity Limit
Acting auction agents on behalf of Foreign & Local customers

> Major Japanese used vehicle auctions.
> Kashiwa Chamber of commerce and Industry.
> Dealers Tender Auctions.

Used commodity Dealer license by Chiba Prefecture.

What our customers say about us

I picked up my Pajero on Thursday. I have looked at and inspected many Japanese imports, and many of them are in poor condition, but the vehicle that I received is like new in comparison.


Nexuss! Thanks for excellent co-operation. You make very hard work withperfect result. I have more orders for you.

Evgeniy, Russia

I would like to thanks you for your help in acquisition of my Honda Accord Euro-R. The vehicle was claimed from customs and is on the road for three weeks now. It runs and looks great.


"when all is said and done, the one sole condition that makes spiritual happiness and preserves it is the absence of doubt."

Mark Twain in Eruption