1. Why do you strongly recommend Japan Used Car Auctions?

    Auctions display inspection report which gives a clear picture of its exterior and technical condition. Also due to its very high volume, it is a faster way to get a used vehicle from Japan.

  2. I cannot read Japanese and want the condition report translated

    We do the translations and discuss the details. When you give us a green signal we go with the bidding.
    I have found a car on sale at auction, How should I proceed.

  3. I have found a car on sale at auction, How should I proceed.

    Simply send an email if the vehicle is 36 hours away from being auction. An agreed deposit will confirm your choice of a bid on the vehicle. Our Skype ID is "nexusscarsjapan" or Call our office at + 81-471-91-1267 or add +81(0)903-217-5927 on Whatsapp, to avoid disappointment, more detailed pictures and translation of the details will be served in quick time.

  4. Why I cannot search a vehicle by current car location.

    Cars are listed under auction names which are more or less irrelevant so you can focus on finding the car you are looking for regardless of its physical location.

  5. Are the Japanese domestic models built to the same specifications as UK, Europe, or US specifications?

    Often available in Japan are vehicles built to higher specifications than those made locally in other countries. For example, virtually all Japanese cars have air-conditioning, but more importantly, the power output of Japanese vehicles is different than UK or US local Japanese models.

  6. Will it be possible to track an unsold vehicle from auctions?

    Yes we can check from the results and if you are interested in negotiating privately then we can give you this service but there is very restricted time available for negotiations.


  1. Why am I not receiving any of the expected emails from you?

    If you are not receiving emails from the Nexusscars team, please make sure that your email client's spam blocking filters and/or junk / bulk mail settings/rules have not moved it to the Junk / Bulk mail folder. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are still not receiving emails from us.

  2. What do your service charges include?

    Placing BIDs at auctions to a limit is free, purchasing, export documentation, transport from auction to the port of shipment, customs, and forwarding from Japan. Basically FOB

  3. How can I ask for my refund?

    You have to give reasons and agree to bank commissions deducted, for your balance to be refunded.

The Service

  1. Is it a complicated process of bidding in Japan Auctions

    You pick your desired car and discuss it with our staff in real-time. If ready for a go then make a bidding deposit and let us do the click bid.

  2. What funding sources do you accept for the security deposit?

    Security deposit payment via Paypal:-  If you use PayPal, pay attention to a transaction commission fee of 4% of the total transfer amount. Ex. transfer amount 1,000$ [PayPal amount is 1,040 $]. Regarding payment, scams are careful and always discuss with our staff before sending online payments. We are not to be held responsible for any payment scams. Direct Cash Telegraphic Transfers (TT) are accepted gladly.

  3. Can I make a specific inspection of the car prior to bidding on it?

    If there is a time to communicate if the application is received before 12hrs. Earlier will be entertained UNLESS the car arrives at out after 4 hours from the start time. We are unable to Provide Better Because We start time at 9:00 a.m. sharp office and arrange inspections for the day. The communication time Should be Calculated before making a request. We Also Provide free private inspection from few auctions.

  4. When will I know whether you won the auction for me?

    Typically, we would notify you of the outcome of the auction the same day through emails.

  5. Do you offer import customs clearance at a destination?

    No, we do not know the regulation of your country Regarding This. We can not offer advice on the method you use to acquire a car but can give as much possible information About as many specific vehicles you want. Depending on the country, you May not be able to import some car models.

  6. Do you give any warranty for the vehicles?

    No, we do not give any warranty, but we disclose any interior / exterior damage, mileage, and exact translation from the inspector report and a report will commonly help you Understand the condition of the car you are buying.

  7. How long would it take to ship my car home?

    Shipping time estimates vary depending on the preparation of documents and shipping company procedures. We will keep you updated in case of unexpected delays.

  8. How can I track my shipping ETA at the port?

    We Have a forwarders website to track and can prompt Also send emails About ETA. In MOST of cases, you can track your car while it's on its way to you much like you would track a package.

  9. Can I cancel a car Purchased on my Behalf?

    Only on the following terms you can cancel or refuse the car. Order cancellations for vehicle purchased from Cars Auctions Online (before the car is shipped) An absolutely Necessary will be subjected to cancellation a penalty of About $650 per unit if the car price is below $13,000; If the car price is equal to or higher, an additional 10% penalty may be surcharged.

    NOTE: Customer has to pay the remaining balance within 7 days from invoice date. We have no credit facility and all the business is convened on cash basis. If balance amount is not paid according to laid down terms then we have the right to re-sell and no claim will be accepted. In case of monetary loss, Nexuss International reserves the right to forfeit the initial deposit.

  10. Can you install or remove anything from a purchased vehicle or upon demand?

    We can only quote firm after a vehicle cost is purchased. We can put new tires on the vehicle, install spoilers, alloy wheels fix, etc. at a price after the type and model of vehicle is determined. May there be an additional service charge Depending on the vehicle and the amount of work needed to remove some parts or accessories. Re-routing of vehicles is done and additional land transport may apply.

NOTE: Clearance charges and Customs duties at the port of arrival are solely the buyer's responsibility and the buyer is liable for all the changes occurring at the port of destination. We are unable to provide any services regarding these charges and duties from Japan. We recommend you inspect your vehicle before leaving the port as the vehicle has been unused for a while.
Get excited but have patience we will ensure the fastest possible means to get your new vehicle A.S.A.P
If your query is unanswered in this FAQ, then please contact us.