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Buy Used Cars from following steps

Bid & buy decision at auto auctions of Japan

Study yourself or ask your local custom clearing agent or visit online your customs department about vehicle import laws of your country. The month of production and date of first registration may be different, please discuss before bidding. Our auction purchase system allows us to pass savings on to you that cannot reasonably be achieved by the traditional local car dealership.

Register on the auction system

Person name, email, and address are required for registration. Otherwise, the search will be limited to a few unregistered users.

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Search your vehicle prior 2 days of auto auctions commencement day.

Because of massive stock, your chances to find your dream car are high. But sometimes you will be required to wait for the perfect vehicle.
“Auctions listings are available in English language & the translation from Japanese is available for auction inspectors remarks”
In addition to auction inspection, we arrange “private checkups" for most of the auctions.

N.B: Please keep in mind that if we do not receive the security deposit within the specified time frame we will not place a bid of your car at auction and will not take part on your behalf.

Result about your best bid offer

We bid in real-time via joystick or computer key (incremental bidding); your bid via will never become over-priced in any auction. There is a higher success rate while bidding in real-time. Note that due to the nature of our setup and relatively quick turnaround, you must secure the necessary funds before participating in car auctions. Also, we will not make a unanimous decision in participating in auctions on your behalf unless asked with a confirmed bid via email or live chat.

Successful bids

Our system will send you an email confirming that you have won the auction. The confirmation email will follow with an invoice of the full amount to secure your bid. You should also be aware that your deposit is “refundable” as per our laid down terms. And if you fail to pay the balance of the purchase price within the specified time frame (usually within 5 days of notification of such acquisition) you will be surcharged according to our terms.

Shipping your vehicle

It’s time for us to make the necessary export documents. We will ship your car home at our expense (Freight Pre-paid conditions) from the first available vessel leaving Japan. However, we always try our best to do shipments immediately but sometimes bookings are over-loaded, please keep flexibility for delays.


Enjoy your newly acquired vehicle and tell your family and friends to "bid their local dealer goodbye" and buy their next car through “Satisfied customers like you are our sales force. Our customer referral program guarantees you $100 for every customer* you send our way or get a 10% discount on our service charges”